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The Results are in - thank you, Detroit Music Community

Big thank you's go to Detroit Rocker Dana Forrester for organizing Dylan's Hand Recovery Hootenanny fundraiser and to Lucky Monkey / Electric Superstition Tattoo Parlors for sponsoring.

Thank YOU! To Cadieux Cafe for hosting and forwarding 100% of ticket proceeds!

Thank YOU! to the volunteers - especially Chelsea Willis for wo-manning the door for the better part of 9 hours, and Cindi Rockwell for organizing the silent auction and her husband George as well for putting in a whopping 10 hours of work in on-site. That is no joke!

Thank YOU! to the musicians that volunteered to perform in Dylan's honor - we were floored <3 We love you John Freeman and Livernois, Kate Hinote Trio, Brandon Calhoon, Andy Patalan, Vinnie Dombroski, Chef Chris, Danny Muggs, Heywood Banks, Jeff Grand and the Blues Guys, Ladyship Warship, and Jimmie Bones and his crew - the Snakebite Wanderers! We had it all, singer songwriters, comedy, Soul, Rock, Blues and Americana <3

It was a family reunion and a Detroit all-star showing of hitmakers and incredible talent at the same time. Dylan and I were both overwhelmed to see the love coming from our peers and mentors. Our favorite rock star legend Johnny Bee Badanjek played drums with Jimmie, Mike Skill from the Romantics surprised us. The impossibly cool artist with movie star swagger Glenn Barr, legendary poster artist Mark Arminski. It was nice to catch up with old friends, too - guitarists Garret Bielaniec and Joey Spina, Birthday Boy Greasy Carlisi, Julianne Ankley, Melissa Smith, Skeeto Valdez <3... Nine hours was not enough.

We learned the day-of that online sales sold out, and several people have asked if we would do it again! My reply is I hope I don't have to break Dylan's femur for that to happen! It was similar to our wedding day, with friends in and out and lots of good feels, and music that seemed to be good for everyone's soul. Who knows? I think if Dana and I joined forces on an event it would be pretty spectacular!

And Drumroll, Please.....

The grand total raised at the Dylan Dunbar Hand Recovery Hootenanny is:


Now, I have a lot to say about this - First and foremost - thank you for helping to take some serious pressure off Dylan and myself. Its been difficult to plan and this helps us to think clearly without so much financial pressure. As we all know, we are supposed to focus on health and well being during these times, and financial worries can be distracting in spite of our best efforts. Dylan can focus on his healing and I can focus on creating a steady forward momentum instead of running off with the circus.

Friendships near and far. You all are the most vital. Dylan and I know we could survive in a van if that was our choice, but its the soul food we get from relationships that are indispensable, and I want you all to know it! Someone may have written us a check for $7000 but its the memory of the day, the phone calls and texts from around the country, checking in on us that buoy us on the days we're spent from doing the doggy paddle. We'd be up shit's creek without you.

There was a time neither of us looked forward to coming home to Michigan - grey skies and cold temps aside. I love my city and its heritage, tenacity, but it can wear on you. Everything seems so much harder here. Both of us have often thought about the things keeping us here and why.

I hate to bring covid up at all ever again, but during that time I just wanted to give my city a big hug - maybe a goodbye hug. It gave Dylan and I both a chance to think a lot. Priorities. Who's in the trenches, who do you want to be in the trenches with? What and who inspires you, makes your heart sing. What about yourself have you conceded and what needs to be non-negotialble? Dylan got sober, I sobered up over some harsh truths and unfinished business in my past, we came to terms with making changes, and called out a lot of boogeymen that weighed heavily in our lives. Its enough for 12 volumes.

We were ready to re-boot and feeling steadfast in 2022 and surprise! Met with challenge after challenge until today. I am not a person that believes everything happens for a reason (I have a full diatribe about that). Sometimes, we are just navigating the random. I also have no regrets and see no reason to retreat because although its been rough, if we hadn't made some of these hard choices, we wouldn't be faring as well. This summer I found myself depressed and overwhelmed. I realized its been a rough few years in spite of so much to be grateful for, I needed to call on friends and the right people have been in the trenches. My appreciation grows deeper, my heart grows fonder. <3 Near or far, we have a family and love to see it growing.

One of the biggest things Dylan and I have been learning is to accept kindness and generosity. Thank you for the opportunity <3

7333 --- For Fun

Seven is the number of perfection, knowledge, introspection, luck and prosperity - also anxiety and moodiness - Let's skip that one.

Repeated 3's are the number for change and growth, expansion, trust in your personal strength and choices and is associated with optimism, creativity and intuition, generosity, inspiration, peace, blessings and abundance.

I'll take it.


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