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Black Sky


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Mad Man's World
"Dylan Dunbar's guitar work on Madman's World is a masterclass on tone".
                           Jackson Smith
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"Westwood is known for her strong, lush vocals and ability to write music and lyrics that sound like the soundtrack to a sultry spaghetti Western".

Melody Baetens - Detroit News

"Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils sound like they made a serendipitous wrong turn on their way to the juke joint and wound up in a countrypolitan cathedral instead. It's beautiful and ever so haunting. Westwood's voice is sexy and strong as it applies the seduction over the band's groove and thoughtful reserve.... And the Handsome Devils lay it down as pretty as their golden haired captain. It's honky-tonk with a little less honky. It's atmospheric yet immediate and approachable. It packs a wallop".

Frank DeBlase - Rock City Mag

Amazing Grace / Walking Blues 
Live @ Joshua Tree Saloon - Joshua Tree CA
Video by Dylan Dunbar 
Badluck Charm 
Live @ 20 Front Street - Lake Orion MI
Video by 20 Front Street
Jesus On The Main Line 
Live @ The Beats Go On - Royal Oak MI
Video by Molly Martin
Miss Celies Blues
Live @ The BirdCage Saloon - Prescott AZ

Video by Dylan Dunbar 

Cowgirl Blues

Live @ Callahans

Video by John Ripper

Live @ Fishbones - Saint Clair Shores MI
Video by Bierdo
Nothing A Bourbon Can't Fix 

Live @ The Blue Light - Lubbock TX 

Video by Dylan Dunbar   

Can't Afford To Loose Your Love

Live @ Arts Beats and Eats

​Video by Steven Rosberg

Round and Round
Live @ Bowlero - Royal Oak MI
Video by Bierdo 
Waitin For The Bus

Live @ Otus Supply

​Video by Steven Rosberg

This Town

Live @ Callahans

​Video by John Ripper

Marfa Lights / Divorcee
Live @ Lexington Theater - Lexington MI
Video by Bierdo 
Jennifer Westwood &
The Handsome Devils

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