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“You know what’s wrong with the world today? People just don’t like clowns anymore…”

Free Candy -Book Cover - Dylan Dunbar Guitarist

Dylan Collins Dunbar is a professional touring musician from Detroit, Michigan who has shared the stage with, or directly supported artists like Chris Stapleton, Patti Smith, Elle King, and many more. Since 2015, he has toured the United States with his wife, Jennifer, performing their original music in close to all 50 states. Through recovery from alcoholism, he discovered he had a passion for writing. In 2023, he figured it was time to embark on a new creative endeavor.  As a result of sobriety, he now gets to explore the dark places of his mind in a positive way. 


Free Candy is a collection of 8 terrifying and strange stories from the fiendish mind of author Dylan Collins Dunbar. 


Follow the tired worker drone looking for something new to break up his daily monotony as he once again gets assigned a 117. An elderly clown combing the streets of a southern Ohio town looking for one last job before he calls it quits. What seems like a simple game of chess between two friends has an unsuspected outcome. A group of fanatical friends trying to save America by trolling the internet get more than they bargained for when the tables turn. A veteran recounts his experience in a Vietnam-era zombie encounter. An evangelical loses her grip on reality as her life comes crashing down around her when a mysterious guest shows up at the door. A young couple moves into their new home at 2250 Seminole Street only to awaken an ancient evil when one of them discovers a forgotten painting. Finally, follow Greg and his cat as they navigate through a modern-day apocalypse uncovering stories from the past as they go. 


From the classic battles of good and evil to zombie outbreaks, Free Candy will twist your brain and leave you wanting more.  

Dylan Dunbar Guitarist Onstage - Detroit - Jennifer Westwood


Dylan Dunbar Album Art
Dylan Dunbar album art
Dylan Dunbar Jazzfist Album Art
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