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Trinity House Theater in April

Here we go. For those of you out of the loop, Dylan had to have surgery back in early September for a severely damaged ulnar nerve. It was necessary if he were to continue to play the guitar. I can only relay to you as his partner, how agonizing both the pain and numbness related to the damage was in the months prior. For a while no one knew. He also had muscle atrophy in his fretting hand due to the nerve damage that caused his forefinger and pinky to curl in and his fingertips to be numb.

It was scary for both of us and at risk of sounding like a broken record, the emotional and financial strain,uncertainty of the day to day and the future has been intense. Especially after watching our income fizzle and cleared our calendar as we sought answers, and invested so much of our resources in the studio (and paid a premium for a used vehicle to travel back and forth to Nashville economically) in the months prior. But truly, having to relinquish what is so much of who you are, how you express yourself, seek comfort, what you do when you are alone has been the most trying part.

As partners we've never been more tested and as individuals we have had many issues to address. We have leveraged to the best of our ability what life and our careers have taught us - adapt. And when that adaptation points you into a brick wall, you adapt again, and again. But once you are swept up in the undertow you can only do what it commands.

Our game plan from day one was to focus on what we can control, and distract ourselves with happy things. But the things we could control kept slipping through our fingers and becoming fewer. And so, we turned to tending to parts of us that get neglected, and issues that get shoved to the back of the proverbial closet to be sorted out another day because good God were they screaming for attention under the pressure.

Really, not the ideal way to RnR But Carpe Diem...Taking care of yourself doesn't always mean putting your feet up. Life started to feel unrelenting in its atmospheric river of sh!t into 2024 to the point of disbelief but we have been using it to feed our orchids. Instead of cowering from reality, over the months we considered the possibility of our lives never being the same again. Many words have been unsaid and minds read...But in tearing things down to the foundation, we found that some things were sour milk, past their expiration. So what do we want, who do we want to be, and what kind of choices do we make for a brighter and better future.

Recovery has been slow, as we were told it would be. Dylan did months of physical therapy and last month we had our first show back in New York, with Dylan just picking up his guitar a week prior. It was great to be surrounded by supportive friends and fans especially for a Mount Everest of a night with the band. And it was fun to get some rockstar treatment afterwards, reminding us of the fun part of being on the road, the random new people you meet that you never forget, grow to love, and the hospitality music enthusiasts lay out for you as if you are doing "the lords work". Including post show VIP meatballs and drinks.

It was a nice refresh to have a sip of the thing you long for, feelings you start to forget and wonder if you will ever feel again. And to take pause and remember what's absolutely not ok going forward. Possibilities. I will not put on airs like a cockamamie televangelist peddling 24/7 dopamine and say we are smiling and laughing everyday (I just wanted to say "cockamamie", OK). But I can say, we are both deeply grateful for the chance to be better, to love each other even more and to have one another. And we have so much gratitude for the people that have showed up for us with a text, a call, to sit up all night and talk, let out a tribal scream or or have made time to visit with us. I will never ever forget your sweet kindness.

So all this for the one and only paragraph I intended to write:

Dylan and I will be performing at Trinity House Theatre in Livonia MI on April 13th. It will be the first time performing as a duo since August and we are opening for the Kate Hinote Trio, who graciously performed at Dylan's benefit in October. Get your tickets here.

Its a small room, so if you are looking to support us with a ticket purchase but know you can't attend, please consider a music purchase through Band Camp or sending a Venmo. We will have news regarding single releases upcoming as well!

We have both really missed our friends across the miles, miss communicating with you. Its been 5 months since my last update finally feels like we have some good things ahead to celebrate with you. We look forward to seeing you xoxox jennifer


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