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Published Author in the House

That's fully literal. Or at least soon to be. Published author in my house. We will be having a release party for Dylan's short fiction compilation, "Free Candy" on 5/9 in the Detroit area and I ask you to please save the date!

Dylan has more than just one book up his sleeve. He started writing after he chose to go sober and didn't stop. The genre for this first release (not first finished - squee!) is horror fiction in the tradition of Twilite Zone, Black Mirror, Tales from the Crypt. So if you enjoy suspense, trickery, surprise endings and easter eggs you will enjoy this book.

I hope many of you will join to celebrate his accomplishment. Its been a long time for him recovering since surgery and we would really love to see you.

Please Note: The book is not yet released. The pic below is a test copy sent to us. We ask that once its available, please purchase from the links we provide or in person. We have already learned of 3rd party sellers on Amazon that seek to print to order with a large upcharge to the purchaser.


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