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Sobriety and Music - Guest Blog

I asked Dylan to write a blog post for our website about his journey of sobriety in honor of his 2.5 year mark.


Touring and performing as a Sober Musician seemed terrifying at first for me. However, come to find out it really is easier than I thought it would be once you get into your groove. As of today I am 2 1/2 years sober. November 27 2020 was my last drink and I haven’t looked back. It’s not something I recommend for everyone it’s just something I needed to do for my well being, sanity and my marriage. Your health is your wealth and the one thing in life you can somewhat take charge of.

Traveling from place to place and being constantly around alcohol did not make this an easy task...and there are still good days and bad days. However the more comfortable I get in my own skin the less bad days seem to occur. I was shocked and deeply moved by the amount of support I received from friends, family, peers and even complete strangers. I’ve noticed that over the past 10 years mental health awareness has greatly increased, and people seem to be far more accepting and willing to help out people that are trying to improve their quality of life.

"You can either be a professional drunk, or a professional musician".

Why did I quit? Someone in this business once told me you can either be a professional drunk or a professional musician. You can’t do both...very well or for very long...That was something that really stuck with me and lit the flame for me to make some changes. Mind you it took a few years to stick. Alcohol and Addiction effects everyone differently. For me it was something that ruled my life, made my decisions for me, and kept me from realizing my full potential. Being someone that already suffered from severe depression and anxiety it was causing days of intense isolation and missed opportunities. It’s like being a canary and having the cover put over your cage that constantly keeps you in a frame of self doubt and indecision.

Dylan on Granite Peak

Man did I hate everything. I used the word “HATE” way too much when I was drinking. Constantly going off on opinionated diatribes on why everything around me sucks, instead of reflecting on what I could change or at least try and enjoy or make better for myself and others around me. Nope… hated it .. Jennifer and I would travel 50,000 miles a year, performing music for people all over the United States. In an average year we would see and do a life time of experiences and achievements. No matter how great the opportunity was, the harder I would try to be miserable and hate it. There have been plenty of times I have taken most of what we do for granted. Once I realized this I finally realized I seriously needed to make a change.

Fast forward a-little and through some serious ups and downs I have finally reached a more comfortable stride. Practicing mindfulness for myself, my partner and my surroundings has really saved my life. Being able to get out of my shell and do things that a few years ago I would have turned my nose up at, because I was too afraid to fail. Now I’m able to get outside of my box and enjoy the opportunities that have come my way, big and small. Learning how to navigate the downs in life is just as important as enjoying the ups.

Now I see things differently. Never thought I’d say that but it is true. I believe everything is a work in progress until the day you die so there is always room for improvement, but I have at least steered the ship in the right direction. I would like to honestly offer a thank you to anyone reading this blog right now that has offered me any kinda of support or kindness. It helps more than you can imagine.

Thank You


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Jun 13, 2023

Awesome read Dylan and kudos to you sending much love from Arizona

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