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Jennifer's Arse Kickin Things - Gift Ideas I love and endorse!

We don't need no $800 cashmere coffee sleeves. Here's some picks from around the country and the Motor City.


You may have seen these guys on the food network. Our friends in Memphis, Team Porkosaurus, are perennial favorites at the Memphis in May bbq competition, aka - the Super Bowl of Swine, and they have gifts for your foodie: A classic rub, a steak seasoning and BBQ sauce. You don't have to be a carnivore to appreciate this stuff. We've used the rub and seasoning on everything from asparagus and zucchini to popcorn, fish, and of course the meats. Its a perfect gift for bbq fans, and those passing time this year testing their culinary skills and sharing food posts online. Look at the bottom of this blog post for their twist on a quintessential savory holiday treat. Shop HERE

Memphis can't take up all the marquis space. Detroit likes to keep it spicy and a plethora of condiment and boutique cuisine companies have been birthed in recent years. We like to make a trip to Devries in Eastern Market to peruse Motown products for friends and family. Always a great trip. But this year's stand out is a newcomer - you can get Mitten Made Sweet Heat hot sauce at their website, Cattleman's or Plum Market in the Detroit area.



Wait.... What? HOLD. THE. PHONE. This is possibly the coolest gifts of the year for NOLA culture lovers, Jazz lovers, independent music lovers. NOLA sign painter Nan Parati is taking the time she would be painting signs for all the iconic festivals, and painting signs for YOU. Part of the funds go to support the greatest radio station in the USA - WWOZ. I can't think of a more thoughtful gift! Signs are Signs are 24" wide by 16" and are only $40 plus shipping. Holy guacamole <3! Contact her through and see WWOZ for details.



Some of the ladies in our lives are working from home, supervising remote school, haven't had the time or money to treat themselves. Its been a long year. Here's some bling that won't break the bank, and the bonus is you can mail this gift for next to nothing. It also makes a great stocking stuffer!

Color Street manicures are long lasting, durable, pretty nail polishes that come in a decal form. My amazing friend Rachel is selling them and I'm also hosting a little online party with her. You don't need to attend, but if you order using the link below, 50% of all commissions made will be donated directly to our Detroit area musicians relief fund we have being organizing. Passenger Recovery has joined forces with us and is doubling donations this week, so those dollars will be doubled and go into an industry pro's pocket!

Also - its buy 3 get one free through 12/2!



Many of our friends around the country have said they want to come to Michigan for a vacation, see the Great Lakes and check out what all the buzz is about in the greatest come-back city in the country. If you visit my hometown, you'll get the excursion that isn't in any tourist brochure, whether I point you in the right direction or take you there myself. But in between off the beaten path bars, amazing breweries and hopefully a show here's a weekend you won't forget.

First, Lets go Kayaking with Detroit Outpost. Have any of your friends kayaked beside the busiest international border crossing, watched a wide open sunset against a city landscape, while surrounded by a habitat where you might see an otter or a zombie mink :D

Gift certificates are $40 and if you buy 5 paddles you get one free.

BUT WAIT, theres MORE!

Let's jump out of a plane! Midwest Freefall is located about an hour north of Detroit. From way up high you can see well into Canada, even if you can't visit. Gift certificates are available and its a hell of a great way to scratch a thrill seeking itch.

Lets commemorate the day with a tattoo, shall we? Off to Ann Arbor and Lucky Monkey Tattoo Parlor. Entrepreneur, Dana Forrester is a bonafide rockstar and she has a great team. She also helps women who have undergone breast reconstruction at Lovely Monkey.


FASHIONISTAS - thats you! Use the code : HOLIDAYS at check out and get free shipping! We have our "signature" Shaggin Wagon T's that will look good on everyone on your list!

You'll be helping us finish our 3 EP series we started this fall with your purchase.



Genuinely, my only choice for a martini, or any craft cocktail that calls for vodka. But Valentine Distilling doesn't stop with vodka. You'd think they'd grow tired of all their winning, but they keep winning awards for their gin and bourbon as well! Check out their website to see where to buy near you or how to have it shipped.


I'll come back and add some gift ideas this week, and I'll be sharing this post on our facebook page. Feel free to comment there with your gift ideas. What's on my wish list? A bus, reimagined by our friend at Transcend Existence. Check out Wes's most recent project in the works which he's building for himself - follow him on instagram or facebook when you need to get lost in some wanderlust! The recipe I promised is below!


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