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Concert of Colors - Backstory - Poster Giveaway!

Last March I sat in bed sick with covid, looking at over a dozen cancelled dates that had promise to get us back in full swing. For a year, Dylan and I decided to buckle down and adjust, troubleshoot whatever came our way and focus on the things we have control over and our blessings (for one, we enjoy each other's company). This, however, was not just a health crisis but a greater test of my emotional well-being, if 2020 hadn't done the job. The home cooked meals delivered to our door and care packages from around the country really helped me stay in a better head space and get the rest I needed. Knowing people cared about me - I kept my mind on that as much as possible and I try to revisit that often.

As I felt a bit better - I really enjoyed gifts. I read "How to Relax" by Thich Nhat Hanh, put on my onesie, the snuggly socks, all-natural pampering products and aromatherapy, very determined to exercise "mindfulness" and gratitude. But I was down for about a month, and the fatigue was pretty crushing. In my lucid moments I was also fighting to get care with my new primary care physician, or any physician that didn't require a trip to the ER. I attempted to map out some plans to reschedule and do some damage control in my more energetic moments but life was feeling like one monumental obstacle. Once I felt good enough to be irate, depression came in waves.

I wasn't excited, had no sense of anticipation or desire to dig into a challenge, which is not at all like me. I was not looking forward to the summer or time I had thought I'd be enjoying at home in the Great Lakes. During a therapeutic cursing session (sic) I told Dylan, "I think the only thing right now that would motivate me and get me feeling like I care or want to do anything is if Don Was were to invite me to perform with him. And that'll never happen, so....I guess suck it up butter cup". The last part is a paraphrase but, really, I was just like wtf can I do....

Maybe I said those words under the light of a full moon after eating an undercooked steak, maybe my spirit animal went to Don Was in a dream, maybe the universe just said, "you don't suck, I got your 6". Less than 3 days later, I opened my email before getting out of bed for the first time in a while, trying to motivate myself. What did I find? An email from Ann Delisi asking me if I'd be willing to perform in Don Was's all-star tribute to George Clinton. Under the circumstances, I was beside myself.

Of course I said yes, but the story gets better. Tune in next time for more!

The day of our taping I was offered posters and I grabbed one for myself and one for an email subscriber. If you are on the mailing list, you're entered at least once! Our Patreon subscribers get an extra entry <3

Please check our tour dates on our menu or at our FACEBOOK page - we head from NY to CA starting this weekend, and we have some private events happening as well. We are always booking!


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