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Cannabis Bees?

Share this! Make Brad Pitt's born again, disease curing, dancing cannabis bees famous! The media WON'T! Meh...seems legit? How can you resist?

Celebrating the best of click bait on social media. Everybody loves a good story, so why not ours? I am not sure if Brad Pitt is a bee-keeper but here's some events we have ahead here at home in Michigan this coming week.

Friday 10/25 - Catch Dylan and I in Dryden, MI at the Dryden Bar for stripped down and not so acoustic version of our tunes, fresh takes on some blues and Americana standards and a few surprises.

Saturday in Greektown, Detroit - its "Jennifer Westwood, Dylan Dunbar and Friends" at Fishbone's @ 9:45 - Come down and lets catch up!

Sunday in Royal Oak, MI- Join us for Songwriter Sunday at Dixie Moon with your host Steve Taylor! 6pm We will be talking about songs and some of the stories behind them as well as, I'm sure, whatever insanity that pops into my head from the course of our travels and sometimes travails.

ALSO - Don't forget, friends. We will be in NY for Halloween and early November. Alex Lyon (Whitey Morgan, Josh Ford) will be joining us. We look forward to seeing you!

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