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July in Michigan - life at ---- Home?

Hey there, its been a while since we've updated you all, and we've been mostly avoiding social media - we'll get a full report to you soon, I promise (a few details below). Right now, we do want you to know about 2 opportunities to see us in MI in the next couple weeks. July 21 we will be at The Whitney with the band. The Garden is open at 5 and we have sets at 6:30 and 8pm. Table reservations for 2-4 are available and good for the entire time, as well as single tickets. Visit for your reservation.

The Whitney

Dryden, MI on July 28th - Catch Dylan and I at Cardinal Field - There's no cover for this one!

Dylan will be in Washington state for one show at the end of the month and very excited that he'll be playing guitar for Kendall Marvel in NH as direct support for Chris Stapleton! If you go, send pics! August 9th, Kendell is at the Exit/In for his residency there and Dylan will be joining on guitar. I'm going and we hope to see some friends from around the region there. This is one I'm really looking forward to. If you like intimate shows filled with true music lovers and friends, come on out and support my amazing husband!

On a Personal Note

This has been our longest stretch at home in a long time, covid included. Dylan is on the road primarily weekends but there's been little downtime for either of us. Getting our house in order and putting the horse back in front of the cart has been a welcome opportunity. The business part of things often feels never-ending and truly all consuming. Over the past 6 weeks, its become more obvious how badly a reprieve was needed for us both from the constant grind and limited time to wind down.

I really appreciate the messages from you all, asking when we will be coming back to this place or that. I promise, we will return <3. There are many moments I wish I could snap my fingers and be in the Sierra Nevadas, Montana, the Midwest, East Coast -- and not just for the scenery, but for the friendship <3. I need you all like oxygen. At the same time, its been a pleasure to indulge in quiet solitude. There were a few days last week I didn't speak to anyone but a cat, bunny, and squirrel! Engaging in such exhilarating activities such as: letting the phone go to voicemail, weeding, cleaning out closets, finding our Go-pro equipment, prepping the 'ol van for sale, paying bills, and setting half of our accumulated "stuff" to the curb and thrift. Prepping the palate for what's next....

We will be out again this year and will start routing a in co-ordination with locations Dylan will be with Kendall, but top priority is taking advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start for ourselves. Primarily, planning out studio time, cat-herding musicians, time to be creative and focusing on our best interests - which has required minimizing social media and a hiatus from helping other's in our local music scene, booking and making connections, with a few exceptions.

We love you so much and thank you for being there with us for every step of our journey <3

I'll be spending more social media time on Instagram in the days ahead so feel free to join me there at @jenniwestwood or @thejenniferwestwood


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