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Real Big News! (For Real)

I would like to announce that Dylan will be playing guitar on tour with Kendell Marvel! Kendell is an accomplished performer and songwriter who has written hit songs for Jamey Johnson (including Lonesome Song, title track on his grammy nominated album), George Strait and others. He co-wrote "Younger Me" with Brother's Osborn which won a grammy this year, and has co-written 60 songs with Chris Stapleton, including the Grammy Winning track, "Either Way". Kendell also has a residency at the EXIT/IN in Nashville, where he's hosted guests such as Cody Jinks, Brothers Osborne, Alison Krauss, Jamey Johnson, Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters, Randy Houser, Ashley McBryde, etc. (for real, I can't wait to go)!Of course, we are thrilled and I personally am feeling a great amount of pride and satisfaction to see Dylan's talent be recognized by someone such as Kendell. Ironically, I had just ran across Kendell in the last year while looking for new artists and played a song of his to Dylan a while back, noting the production and saw it was produced by Dan Auerbach. The last thing that would have passed either of our minds at the time would be that someone would recommend Dylan to him.

And now, I'm sure some inquiring minds want to know what this means for us.

It is without question we are partners in every sense! Dylan not only has my blessing, I have already packed his bags and locked him in a room to learn songs! Actually, we are wrapping up 5 weeks of tour dates still.Dylan's travel dates start in early June. We've had to reschedule some dates, and thankfully we have full support and blessing of venues on our team. I can't state enough, how much I appreciate the venue owners and true believers in our lives that share in our excitement and have consistently championed us both. It has been especially encouraging this past month to see people travel distances, cheer for our new songs, and treat us like bonafide stars. It often boggles my mind.

We put the kibosh on booking weekends for the time being as the brunt of Kendell's dates will be weekends. He likes to be home with his family. <3 We have 3 full band events between now and Mid September - and I would encourage you to make plans for those, and any other opportunity you see us around, as we will be working hard to make each one count!

There will be a lot of crazy co-ordinating including solo travel for me, travel time for Dylan, and a new vehicle for myself to make things work.

We still need my share of the bacon. Weeknights will be our best friends, and we will prioritize listening environments and private events, house concerts. We need your support and encouragement more than ever as we take this chance, upend our normal lives with the hopes of leveling up even the smallest notch. I've also been offered an artists ambassadorship with Three Chord Bourbon which helps, because they will be kicking in a little on sponsored events with their product present. Please, support us on weeknight dates and if you'd like to host us, give me a ring!

Beyond that, what'll I do? Honestly the first thing I thought was, "Wow! I can finish songs, practice, and not be bogged down as much with booking and business! Maybe, I'll even get my nails done"! It is truly an opportunity on all ends!

Please, love and support Kendell as if he were one of our family. He's a hard worker and I know at any level the challenges are present. We love you all, now go like our pages if you haven't! Facebook

Instagram: @JenniWestwood @TheJenniferWestwood

ALSO! We are still on the road! Come see us in The Woodlands/Spring TX at Dosey Doe on Friday and Texas Music Cafe on Saturday in Waco Tickets are $20 for both, and both start at 8pm


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