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Pre-Sales and New Releases

For those that haven't been following, we spent the last week in the studio recording. There were some last minute changes got our first batch of songs completed due to great, efficient talent! Rough mix, they already sounded terrific thanks to Aashrum Studios and Scott Louden. We would be remiss not to mention drummer Brandon Huskens who brought something really special with his thoughtful approach to each of the songs. We will have the incredible Eric Hoegemeyer doing final mixes when he visits from NY next week.

I for one am anxious to get back into the studio, often and on the regular. We have more songs we want to get done asap. The trick has always been staying on the road (which is imperative as we are a word of mouth band), covering overhead, making sure everyone is paid and able to make their bills, be prepared for unexpected overhead costs like van repairs, and find the time and money to spend on arrangements and studio/production costs. Side note --- Our road life has definitely become more comfortable and rewarding thanks to some amazing supporters, venue owners, journalists, and friends. Looking back, I don't know how we survived at all at the start. What would we do without your friendship <3

Thursday, Dylan and I had a last minute gig at Motown Harley Davidson, and many of you in the Detroit area came out to support us, bought merch, and shared your friendship. This was a major encouragement to us! We raised half of our studio costs for the 4 days we spent in the studio. When i say encouragement, i mean it. I have a lot more confidence that we can get the things done in the studio that we have been wanting to.

As far as an "official" release date is concerned, we are putting our heads together to decide what will be the smartest for us economically and for us to promote best.

Previews and pre-releases will be available first to our our Patreon account subscribers at - subscriptions start at $1/mo - $5/mo if you want downloads of songs. There you will also find some free content for the public, plus goodies exclusive to subscribers. You can read a little about it at the link and see how the service is helping creators get more done and earn for their work online. We love streaming services to reach new people, but Patreon really helps connect creators better with their fans and puts them first.

Here is a little preview of Marfa Lights - Thank you again, wonderful friends!

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