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The Ark in Ann Arbor/ NY, KY, FL

Thank you, Detroit for showing up to our events at the Detroit Institute of Arts and in Ferndale for New Years Eve! For those interested, We have video up on our Youtube account.

It was an incredible night at the DIA with the largest crowds the venue has seen in 10 years. People arrived at 4 to secure seats for a 7pm showtime and many listened from adjacent galleries. Some were turned away during the first set --- we hope to see all of you soon. Thank you, Detroit for spreading the word on a last minute event. You're unbelievable! For those that weren't able to make one of those shows, read on.

January 12th we are at the Ark in Ann Arbor with super talents, Captain Ivory. Make plans if you are in the area! Other upcoming events are in Toledoland, South Bend, IN; Jackson, MI; Columbus, and more. Please see our Facebook page or visit our Shows link on the website. Email for questions at

Come February we will be in NY, KY, and FL so stay tuned.

As you all know, Dylan and I handle all the band business in-house. A lot of things don't get done the way we would like as we wear so many hats. Among other things, we are working to improve our social media/online presence as it has not been all it could be. We will be posting more live video in the days ahead, and continue with our band life blogging.

We appreciate your encouragement. Subscribe to us on Youtube or like/follow our Facebook Page if you haven't. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the homepage.

Thank you those that have invited your friends to like our pages and have spread the word about shows and tours. Send us a note to let us know what the best way is to get information to you.

Happy 2018 - may it be an amazing year for all of us!

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