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Just Married!

Thank you all for joining Dylan and I in our wedding celebration and for all of your love and support! It was quite a day that started off and ended with great music, family and friends from Detroit and around the country. We wanted a full day of fun and to see lots of smiles on everyone's faces, which we did.

We want to thank first Melissa for being such an amazing hostess and putting so much work into the wedding, allowing us to modify her deck and landscape her back yard. There is a long list of people that helped with everything from running errands, to donating lights, bringing dishes to pass, and help with set up. We look forward to thanking you each in person!!!!

Flowers came from friends in Northville, MI and Seattle, WA. Wine came from CA via NY. Cheesecakes came from OH. Vodka, Gin and Bourbon came from Valentine Distilleries in Ferndale, MI. Linens came from family and friends around Michigan. Smoked pastrami came from Boogie Woogie BBQ in Pinckney, MI. Tables, chairs, the bar and benches came from friends and strangers. Adirondack chairs, cocktail tables and the PA came from our friends at 2 Stones Events. Backline was provided by Berkley Music. Music was provided from the Rumpshakers and many other friends, including our neighbor, East Side Elvis, who performed and conducted our ceremony incongnito. So many hand-me-downs and help came from family and friends including lights, linens, candles, vases, shepherds hooks, wood for our stage, tree stumps for our benches. All this made it so special to us because everywhere around our friends were represented even if they could not be there physically.

We worked very hard to celebrate not just our love but our friendship with all of you. Thank you for being there and a great big thank you to the family and friends that did anything to help us put on a party of a lifetime :D Lets do it again in 2018!!!

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