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  • Jennifer

Texas Residency at Fifi Dubois!

We had some great shows and a fantastic time in Texas on our November tour run... and met some truly incredible people. You never can tell when you book one gig where it may lead. In the case of our stop at The House of Fifi Dubois, the road is leading us straight back there for January!

We are happy to announce our monthlong residency in San Angelo with Fifi Dubois! We will performing 3 nights a week in San Angelo and a few extra dates sprinkled in the region.

We can't express enough how great it has been for the band to be welcomed so warmly in Texas. And Fifi Dubois has for very good reason gained renown as one of the best country music venues in the state! This is a true honor!

We will miss our friends up north but not the cold! Stay tuned, folks!

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