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Mad Man's World Pre-Order is here and an online listening event

I know its been a long time coming, pre-sales are here! Check out this beautiful art from the amazingly talented Glenn Barr. Its a piece he hasn't released yet and you won't even see on his website. In the midst of all the drama we've encountered the last year, getting to know Glenn and being inspired by his work and friendship has been a shot of good juju.

I'd love to regale you with tales of artsy fartsy nomadic romanticism, about creating a new album and how the universe has made everything a breeze because we are dedicated to living our best life and never think of health insurace or the price of gas. Oh, would I.... if that ever happens I pinky promise I won't write a toxically positive best seller about how you too can live the life you want in 5 easy steps.

What we have is better - because its real. We've met people and built a family traveling the country, playing small venues and bars, the occassional large venue as an opener or a festival. And Dylan and I have been through some challenging, life altering things together. I wouldn't trade sitting in a ratty old lifeboat, rowing towards our destination together for all the shrimp cocktail on the Royal Carribean.

We swapped some songs intended for the next album and bumped them to this one once Dylan had his surgery. So there will be something for everything on this one from West Texas singer/songwriter fantasies to some soulful female angst.


You can preorder a CD or digital download at today for $15. The album will be released on June 17th, but we will also be hosting a live stream preview there on June 11th - click the "Live" tab there and RSVP. The album will be played in its entirety and a chat feature will allow you to join us. Attendees will be given a discount code for new merch purchases.

Thanks again for buoying us with your love. And thank you for making Dylan's book launch so succesful! He made the top new releases on Amazon for horror fiction! Now, I'm off to figure out how to get the rest of the songs to you asap!


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