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Helping local musicians

We aren't trying to save the world, just brighten up our corner. I hope you will, too. #32DaysontheRoad #32Daysathome #NothingStopsDetroit

Well here we are in quarantine, its going on May. To maintain sanity we've done our best to approach things as "this is the new normal" while planning and adapting for a different future, believing for the best! I am super pleased we've been able to use some of our time to raise money with the help of friends and hold a weekly drawing for musicians in need in our local Detroit area community.

Last week, we threw out the net again to a group of fans, fellow musicians and booking agents, who responded with $1600 that we were able to give to out of work musicians. Many giving out of their own need. Its really lifted my spirits to see people's willingness to help their peers from all walks of life. It also has been special for me to hear people's reactions when financial assistance came out of nowhere for them from their peers.

Many will begin receiving unemployment soon and we are grateful. But, its been a month of bills piling up for all of us and in many cases there are families to feed. We are going to do this again next week and an online, all day music event the following week for our local community to let everyone know these people aren't abandoning their careers.

There are organizations out there that help musicians but I hope that everyone remembers many are over looked, not connected, etc. Musicians have a long haul to sort out how and when they can get back to work and bring in a livable wage. If you are able, or if you and a group of friends are able, check in on your local musicians and see who you can help.


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