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Happy Vanniversary, Betty White

What's this all about? Everything! This Vanniversary Celebration has 'Merica written all over it and isn't it time we make 'Merica Sexy again?

Our van, Betty White, will be making her moon landing. She's coming close to a quarter million miles on the odometer, the distance to the moon, and has taken us to almost every corner of America.

We will celebrate with Rock and Roll & Honky Tonk Soul. We have wide open spaces, a Shaggin Wagon, a moon landing, handsome devils and daredevils. We have Vin Dombroski aka Diamondbuck, 'Merica's most Detroit family man and rockstar.

WE WANT YOU you to bring a cooler, a chair and enjoy some good old fashioned American beer and music.

Please come prepared to have a good time and respect others space like good 'Mericans. Also, we want to pay our made in America musicians well. Extra monies are going straight to studio and production costs for recording - including paying musicians for their time.

If you can't come but you'd like to join us in spirit and help finance Betty's next oil change - consider a t-shirt purchase on the website, subscribe to us on Patreon or

Make your vote count! Vote for live, local, independent music!


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