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We launched a website dedicated to philanthropic efforts for/by musicians and music industry pros and fans. With all the dissension happening, we want to encourage and promote those that help others - #BackingBands is about having each others backs. Lets not just talk the talk, but walk the walk!

With the help of our peers we raised $20,000 over the course of last spring and the month of December. What started as a casual effort became a weekly, grass roots, word of mouth, fundraising and assistance distribution for Detroit area musicians and industry pro's. Local carry-outs also offered us credits for industry workers in a pinch, and Kroger gift cards have been offered as well. When we saw this wasn't going to be a weeklong effort, Passenger Recovery partnered with us to facilitate donations.

I've personally been inspired by the generosity and gratitude of others. In particular the stage hands, roadies, sound techs. So many forwarded a portion of their assistance to others, and sometimes its been substantial. These good deeds have been an anchor to hope and faith in human kindness.

Please check out and consider paying it forward, and be encouraged.

Dylan and I will be paying it forward to Memphis on behalf of the Detroit music community and Passenger Recovery on February 18th. We will be offering matching funds and partnering there with South Main Sounds - a non profit that promotes and supports songwriters and musicians in the region. More announcements on social media coming - we will live stream from Memphis on 2/18.


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