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Thank you to the Academy!

We want to thank the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs! What? Yes! MusiCares has awarded Dylan a grant to help us through the difficult time we’ve been experiencing with Dylan’s diagnosis, surgery and recovery.

When the Grammy's acknowledges you in any way - thats a WIN. Especially in a time of need <3

A few weeks prior to Dylan's surgery we had our last travel date, a short show in Chicago on a Tuesday. Hardly anyone knew at that time what Dylan was dealing with. It was painful for Dylan but we didn't play for long and it was just what we needed - we had the encouragement and company of friends and peers, doing what we love. It was a reprieve of normality, away from the anxiety crushing us both.

A friend suggested we reach out to Musicares that night. It hadn't crossed my mind, and I thought "hm, maybe". After a couple other friends mentioned it I went ahead and sent an email and told Dylan afterward. To my amazement they responded, asking for Dylan to get in touch with some detailed information about his career.

We plan to use the grant to cover monthly utilities and recurring household expenses/bills as Dylan heals (they pay third parties directly, no money passes through our hands). It relieves a huge burden of stress, helps us focus on Dylan’s healing and make plans to regain our footing. We've been co-ordinating that and also seeing what bills we can get reduced to get the most benefit from the grant. If you are looking for a good non-profit to support, please check out


Those of you looking for an update on how Dylan is doing - He's in physical therapy 3x a week and regaining muscle strength, but as you will hear either of us repeat - it is the nerve that is the issue. The surgery alleviated the crushing on his nerve, but the healing part requires patience.

As his partner I want to speak for him, so he doesn't have to. He is in pain daily and the pain is a daily reminder that he's not whole yet. It is as much a psychological challenge as it is a physical one and its the friendships and genuine good will getting us through, along with finding ways to be productive and creative under the circumstances. We are both focusing on healthy habits, and we are glad we have been able to get out and see friends this week.

We look forward to helping others again and diving into projects. We can't wait to make music for you all and I can't wait to hear my favorite guitarist bend those strings. Thank you all for being there for us. Especially everyone who organized, attended and volunteered at Dylan's fundraiser in Detroit!

Most of all - thanks for checking in - <3


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