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Shows to Go

We have never been much for sitting around. Michigan weather has shined upon us, allowing us to keep doing what we love in an alternative set up. Our focus for the most part for the rest of the year will be private/semi private events hosted by friends and fans. It keeps everyone comfortable, safe, and HAPPY! We can set up literally anywhere law allows and have sound and even lights.

Time spent in the company of friends is important and it has been nothing but good feels. Below you will find our schedule, followed by a short Q&A - feel free to reach out with questions about hosting a show or the ones listed.

Q - Do you guys wear masks?

A - Not while performing - we leave ample distance (about 30 ft) between us and guests. We will wear one while talking afterwards and leave space to keep others comfortable

Q - Have you been tested for covid?

A - Yes and will continue to be tested regularly.

Q - What's an event like?

A - The host sets the tone, but events are friendly, people are happy, attentive, and you don't have to crane your neck around the tall guy in front of you to see.

Q - What kind of people have hosted shows?

A - Music fans and friends - including a covid data scientist, healthcare workers, business owners , venue owners and others. We even performed for a group of local Republican and Democratic candidates for office recently. The common denominators: love of music with hope for finding a sense of normality and ways to function in society going forward.

Q - Where are you willing to perform?

A - We tour 50,000 miles a year during normal times. We are willing to go anywhere, we just have to work on the logistics. But we will perform on a train, pier, yard, parking lot, in a barn, on a farm, mesa, lakeside, ocean side, on the roof of your building, wherever allowed by law! We have played all sorts of public and private events at listening rooms, caves, and amphitheaters and we can play your space, too.

Q - I want to host an event but I am not sure how/if I can and have more questions than you can imagine.

A - You can host a proper listening event or yard concert, make it byob, provide seating or not, for neighbor's, family, invite only or make it a public event. Send an email and we can provide guidance on formats.

Have a happy day. We wish the best for all our friends near and far, and those who are currently hurting due to covid and related closures. We will get through it together <3


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