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Shows to Go!

Looking for a safe and convenient way to enjoy live music this summer? Let us bring the music, lights, sound and even stage to you. If you have a space that is in compliance with your local ordinances and distancing protocols, send us an email at

We have toured 50,000 miles a year with our beloved van over the past 4 years, performing countless shows. Besides traditional events, we have performed at drop zones, private listening rooms, on ravines, lakes, flat beds; from the border of Mexico to the edge of Glacier National Park, honky tonks, blues clubs, race tracks, ocean beaches. We will make music in our van, at a park, or on your land; We will do it on a boat, in a barn? Just move your goat!

We love what we do, love or friends, fans and family and would love to bring music to you in a safe and comfortable environment.

Cheer up! The beat will go on <3


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