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September Shows

Labor Day weekend is upon us! Up north Labor Day is the unofficial welcome to fall. I'm not one for pumpkin spice and would prefer a margarita by the beach but none the less we are looking forward to these "fall" events in the coming days

September 2nd - Dylan and I are at Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak MI at 3:15 for one hour long set. Find us on the Country/Americana stage - Sponsored by Baker College. We haven't had the chance to do a "duo" show in our hometown area for a while so we look forward to this one before setting off for the Upper Peninsula.

September 4th - the band is at Marquette Blues Festival in the UP. Covid spoiled our debut performance here so we've been looking forward to this one with the guys. Also, being that I come from a long line of Yoopers I'm looking forward to not being the only one with the northern twang in the room. Get the Sauna ready, we are hosting the afterparty as well.

September 9th - 7 pm in Port Clinton, OH - Music on Madison in Port Clinton. With the band. This is a fun out door concert right on Madison in Downtown Port Clinton. If you are in the Toledo or Cleveland areas, come on out.


I have lots of love for St Paul Methodist of Rochester, MI for hosting us last month in the Garden of Hope. That was one of my favorite events in SE MI for quite some time and the first time I've sang within that close of a proximity to a church in years. I'm glad to report, no one caught fire. When we were asked to do this event I immediately was excited to plan on doing some of our gospel tunes. it was reiterated to me that we were invited to be ourselves and gospel was not required. It was a true pleasure to perform for such an attentive crowd of friends, fans, family and parishioners. I was on the verge of tears on a few occasions. Thanks for showing your appreciation for new tunes and indulging me in a "sermon", allowing me to go unfiltered and uncut! It was so cool to allow Evan to have a chance to play their pipe organ before the show as well. You can catch his pipe organ rendition of Van Halen's "Jump" on our Instagram.

Dylan and I had our 5th anniversary last week. Definitely feels more like 3! Both of us thank you for your well wishes. We've spent an innumerable amount of time on stage, in a van, sleeping in hotels, doing our thing together. I honestly don't think either of us could do what we've done with anyone else and we both feel so lucky to have a partner willing to sit in the trenches and make a picnic out of it.

I've promised everyone a more personal update and am working on it. I normally have a much easier time expressing myself but this year has brought excitement along with some of the most grueling challenges we've ever faced and I know most of our people want to celebrate the excitement and so do we. But there's duality of life. Which for us means more work and sacrifice than ever.

Early in the year, we thought we had figured it all out and it felt like we were about to stride into some comfortable days ahead. However, unexpected opportunity knocked. We did not step into it wide eyed and naive but saw behind door number one lots of growing pains and the opportunity to grow. We chose yes to new things! We've done our best to retain focus on our goals and priorities amongst an entirely new rhythm our lives have been set to. And that's required us to keep a little more to ourselves than we normally do.

That being said, we have a couple new allies in our lives we are so grateful for, and studio time scheduled for September which we had to move from August. I've been writing daily while Dylan is on the road with Kendall and together with him while he's home. That and undoing years of what life on the road can do to your health have been our full time jobs. September is a thin month for us show wise and we are cracking down with the exception of a handful of shows. We have tour dates to be announced for October and new announcements for that coming - instead of the Southwest we will be east of the MS!

Please watch for an email update and in the meantime, congrats to Kendell Marvel's collaboration with Chris Stapleton and the write up in Rolling Stone. We are grateful to have this man in our lives - he is salt of the earth and has earned every bit of his success <3


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