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Live Streams #32DaysOntheRoad at home edition

Hey there! What a week its been.

After getting home and re-calibrating, we've decided on some live stream events and want to keep it with our friends in mind. With everyone online, almost everyone facing employment uncertainty and many of you isolated and alone, we want to present something a little different than we might under normal circumstances - distraction and interaction. So we will be doing interactive lessons/jams with Dylan, Music, chat, giveaways and challenges live on Facebook. If you have suggestions, reach out! Scroll down for more!

This Sunday at 3 we will host Sunday Funday at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Lets catch up.

Tuesday's from here on out at 7 pm we will do a jam along with Dylan - Plug in your guitar and trade licks with Dunbar. I'll be manning the camera and making sure your questions are answered regarding regarding gear, technique, etc. Whether you play or not, join us!

This Wednesday we will host Quarantine Countdown - performing new and old original material and standards. We will have themes as well.


Finally, we want to thank everyone for your concern and support.

We arrived home early from tour and the time we usually take to unwind and prepare for what's ahead we have spent adjusting our expectations, cancelling dates, and stocking up on essentials. We typically leave the house completely empty of food and toiletries. Thanks to some good luck and good friends picking up the things we couldn't find, we are happy to say we are fully stocked.

I'll be posting here regularly and we will see you on social media. Please check out our recent blog posts. I'll have a catalog of scenic photos from our recent trip up soon.

If you'd like to support us, we have several singles online and available at Bandcamp for digital download. You can also send downloads to friends. Check out the link below and while you're at it, head to our "shop" link while Tshirts are still on sale!

Be well and see you down the road!


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