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Great Lakes Shuffle and Tickets for Ferndale Blues Fest at Valentine Distilling

Happy New Year, everyone! Dylan and I hope you had a great holiday season. If you didn't, we have 2019 to look forward to! A clean slate; a new year. I know a lot of people aren't much for new years resolutions but it is a great time to start fresh. We've had a little head start on things as we've been preparing for the new year in November and December, making positive changes in our own lives. Spending more time in the sun (thanks to our friends and shows in Florida), cutting back on alcohol (a tough one for many touring musicians), working on our finances (don't we all need to) and spending time with our friends and loved ones.

Now its time for Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils to come out of hibernation. Later in January we will be swinging through the eastern great lakes - visiting some of our favorite places and seeing friends we haven't seen in some time. If you are in SE Michigan, the Buffalo, Cleveland and Rochester, NY areas - we are headed your way.

We will wrap it up in Ferndale, MI for a special show with Valentine Distilling for Ferndale Blues Fest! Get your tickets --->HERE<---. Our shows there have been truly special and the event spaces there has quickly become one of our favorite intimate spaces. Not to mention the great award-winning libations. Seating is limited - get your tickets/online reservations now. VIP is available and includes a limited release EP. Tickets are also available at the Valentine Cocktail Lounge at 161 Vester Rd, Ferndale, MI.

And if you are in Southeast Michigan, be sure to check out our "and friends" dates through February - where we will have special guests sharing music and making music with Dylan and I. Information is on our Facebook page for Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils. See you in February and March in TEXAS and FLORIDA -- the rest of you, watch for our Facebook live broadcasts~ <3

And if you are in the Detroit arealocal and touring

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