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Westbound and Down - NY to TX

We just enjoyed one of our longest stints at home in sometime, with the exception of a few short regional trips to Saint Louis and Memphis, New York and Ohio. It has been nice to sleep in the same bed overnight, and walk around in our underwear and hang out with neighbors.

But the road calls; and so do friends, new adventures and somewhat far away places. Next week we head back south for a short run with some new spots on our radar as well as some of our favorites.

If we are in your vicinity come out and say hello. And for those back home, come join us at one of our upcoming shows there. We will be heading out to the west coast come late August and really looking forward to that one, however it will mean passing some of our favorite festivals in the great lakes this year. Catch us while you can. It'll be 2019 before we know it!

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