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Detroit Music Award Nominations

Its that time of year. The Detroit Music Awards are upon us. Some fine folks chose to nominate us for consideration and take us to the third round, which is the final ballot. We've been nominated for several awards in Americana & Country categories including, vocalist, songwriter, band and instrumentalist (Dylan Dunbar). Also, Jennifer is up for nomination for a limited release recording that Vin Dombroski (Sponge) had her join him on.

As always, our goal is first and foremost to create music, perform, make people happy and get on the road. There are challenges, and though we have fun, it is a lot of work and a juggling act to keep things going. It can get downright tiring! It is such an encouragement to be recognized by peers and pros in our local music world. Thank you.

The Detroit Music Awards are on May 5th. We will see you then. Afterwards, we have a show for you in Corktown at PJ's Lagerhouse! Click below for the DMA website.

Qualified voters can cast their ballot online here

Thank you, once again everyone! We appreciate your support and friendship!

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