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Detroit Music Hall April 13

We are happy to be performing our official first show of 2017 in our official hometown, Detroit, MI on April 13th.

So many local fans have made the trek to distant places in Michigan and so we are really excited for this one and seeing some of our favorite Michiganders! --- Joining us is one of our favorite local singer/songwriters, Michelle Held.

Its our hope to continue with a small series of hometown shows this year with some of our favorite acts from around the country.

Tickets will be available tomorrow, starting at $8. We have VIP packages available that include swag - What Would Jenni Brew coffee beans, locally made treats, a band koozie and more. We will be putting the proceeds into our recording fund, so if you have been looking for a way to be a part of what we are doing and help us along our journey this is it! We will also ship our VIP swag if you'd like to purchase but cannot attend the show!

Here is the Ticket Link

See you soon!

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