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This Weekend in Detroit

As we are prepping to tour the south this coming March it feels like spring in Detroit. 65 degrees and sunny! Perfect weather for this weekends home show at the Cabbage Patch Saloon in Grosse Pointe Park, just outside of Detroit.

Zims Vodka is sponsoring us for the event. The company is locally owned and their organic, gluten free potato Vodka is distilled in Poland! They will have some gift sets at the event which you can win by adding $3 to your cover, as well as JWHD swag; the proceeds of which will go to one of our favorite charities, Penrickton Center for Blind Children.

Those that know me know I'm passionate about Penrickton. They provide day care and boarding facilities for blind children that have multiple disabilities and teach kids skills to be as independent as possible. The services are provided to families at no cost and their dedication to them is incredible! Parents don't have to worry about unimaginable day care expenses, can go to work, and provide financial stability knowing their kids are in the most qualified and compassionate care. Penrickton is 100% privately funded.

We hope to continue with more of these events where we can share great music and do some good. We are very thankful to Zim's and Cabbage Patch for allowing us the flexibility to do something outside the box.

We hope to see you all there! Thank you for supporting us, Cabbage Patch, and Penrickton!

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