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  • Jennifer

Detroit Music Award Wins

April began for us with shows in beautiful Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois and throughout the midwest. And it ended last night with the surprise of learning we have won Detroit Music Awards for outstanding group and vocalist!

We want to thank everyone that voted for us. We love Detroit and are super happy to be home for one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Mitten State and it is an honor to be recognized by our home city! THANK YOU! We look forward to spending time with friends before we hit the road again in June!

For May, we are busting our butts, working to make money to invest in the future. Number one on the agenda is upgrading our tour vehicle once again. We've put over 60,000 miles on our van since August. Its been reliable and got us where we needed to go. Now its time for something newer than 17 years old, room for all our people, merch, and gear and hopefully a little more fuel efficient. You can help us out by watching our Facebook, website and signing up for our newsletter for some special offers in the next month with the intention of raising funds for our new vehicle.

Thank you again to our friends at home and around the country and across the pond that have spread the word and have given us recognition. There are many people deserving -- Thank you for choosing to stand with us!

Thank you Detroit and all our friends from around the country!

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