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  • Jennifer

On the home stretch of a 6 week run

Its been going on 6 weeks since we packed up, left Detroit and headed south to Texas. Right now we are in Florida, getting ready to wrap things up this coming weekend with shows in Orlando and Tampa before heading north to Michigan!

Our residency in San Angelo at The House of Fifi Dubois was fantastic. Its pretty cool to think we have a family down there after our first contact last fall. We did 8 shows there and were kept busy with TV appearances, networking, socializing, dinners and more during the week. The month culminated in a big party sponsored by American Revolution Vodka. We also made it out to San Antonio and Austin for shows and welcomed on board our new booking agent to keep us working!

After hugs and holding back some tears we made our way to Florida last week. We almost forgot what it was like to be in the van for days on end! We stopped long enough in New Orleans to have coffee and beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde before heading off to Jacksonville and Miami for shows.

Shore Leave Showdown in Miami was a rollercoaster ride with impending rain and other issues but in the end we had a fantastic time with fans and friends from around the planet. Next up is Orlando on Friday and Tampa on Saturday with Paul Thorn at Skipper's. We are excited for this show as its expected to be a sell out!

We will be home sometime next week and while I'm not a big fan of the cold, I'm really looking forward to seeing my family, cat, and bed! We will have a homecoming party/show on FEBRUARY 19th at Renegade's before, YUP, getting in the van and heading to Paris, IL for a show the next day!

We hope to see you back home fellow Detroiter's and look forward to meeting everyone in Paris!

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