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  • Jennifer

Back to 66 from Eureka Springs and Lake of the Ozarks!

Hello again! We have been on the go non-stop since we left Detroit on May 25 for Chicago. Today was our first day off, and we spent it on the road seeing some sights in the region and along Route 66. We got to sleep in a little and it was a very welcome rest after managing car repairs and rough weather that we feared might cancel our show in Buckhorn.

We arrived at the Mid American Freedom Rally amid severe weather warnings and tornado watches, but we did arrive in a good running vehicle. The show had us perfoming on the largest amphitheater in Missouri for a great crowd. It rained on and off but it did not keep people from having a great time. It is debatable whether the show or Jeremy's contribution to a hot buns competition was the highlight of the evening. We did indeed get video!

With a day off, and uncertain of where we would be laying our head, we headed out to see some sights after a nice restful sleep at the local Red Roof Inn.

We drove up to the Lake of the Ozarks, about 40 minutes north of Route 66. Spent a little time at the state park sitting around like old folks looking at the water. I'd love to go back and camp there! Really great scenery, thick woods, pretty water. Next we looked for a spot to enjoy a drink on the water and found a place that fit the bill called Dog Days without much problem.

Now we did some driving back towards the mother road that took us to places where we saw more cows and dead armadillos than we did people or cars for quite a stretch. Rolling green hills and livestock grazing right up near the road. We took county roads up to what might be one of the most scenic parts of Route 66 in the midwest.

We passed some tidy little old throwback motels with swingsets and original fixtures. Between Springfield and Joplin we were careful to take the original routing thanks to an app we found. Old gas stations, abandoned structures, farms, scenic rolling hills on this tiny two-lane highway... It really felt like all the romantic ideas you might dream up for the heartland and route 66.

We passed a tiny little motel that caught our eye called the Boots Court and decided to check it out, not even sure if it was operating or if it was just a historic sight. Turns out it has been getting restored over recent years and Clark Gable had stayed there several times in the 40's. SO this lovely lady booked us a room and gave us the grand tour of this amazing little motel. So old it was not called a hotel when it was established, but a court, and advertised cabins even though the rooms were attached. No tv's, a radio in every room. I'm working on their wifi now (wifi doesnt disturb the historic decor). Fabulous original fixtures, old wood floors, doors, crystal knobs and some of the furnishings hand built by the original owner. And now I'm about to sleep sound in this beautiful room, and we are not outside of our budget as of yet!

Have a great night all! Tomorrow is Joplin!

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