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  • Jennifer

Route 66 Tour - First Leg

Hello and hope you all are having a Memorial Day weekend full of music, good food and libations! Myself and the boys are in Eureka Springs, AR at the moment. As I speak we have a good samaritan standing in the pouring rain and installing a new alternator in our vehicle!

The fun began on Wednesday in Chicago with our friends Razorhouse at the Abbey Pub. Its always a pleasure to get to perform with those talented guys and spend some time with our friends Mark and Dave, who have done our Tom Waits tribute with us, and Marks lovely wife Nan, who was just given an honorary doctorate at Columbia College where she also addressed the graduating class. She's a real inspiration.

Springfield,IL on Thursday where we met up with Jeb who lined up a great show for us there on the first bike night of the season. Chris Corkery joined us on the show and I made a friend named Flipper. Everything was on par until on the way back to the Route 66 hotel when the Red Bull drink some one gave me kicked in and I began speaking a language I brilliantly invented much to the dismay of all in our truck.

Day 3 took us down through Saint Louis and we made our way here to Eureka Springs! On the way down, way down in the country, our alternator died. We managed to get a jump and make it a 10 miles down the road, about 35 minutes from our gig where we really got stranded. A wonderful stranger came and took Dylan to get a battery....And we literally made it to our gig with moments to spare. The scenery down here is breathtaking and the people have all been remarkably friendly, generous and FUN! I cant wait to see some of these folks again in Kansas and Oklahoma. More to come. Right now, we are hooking up our trailer and getting gone to Mid America Freedom Rally back up towards the mother road!

PS - In the picture below, Jeremy is looking at a crypt underneath the stage we played on Friday. "Play It Again Sam", horn player for Count Basie is buried there.

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