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  • Jennifer

Help us welcome White Lightening to the family!

Summer has been amazing, taking us across the midwest, great plains, the rockies, the south and deep into the heart of Texas! It goes without saying we met some great people at shows, and played some cool rooms. We saw some beautiful sights - I've posted a few below. AND, so very importantly, we have returned home to the Mitten state with a new addition! White Lightening joined our family in Fort Worth, TX on July 17th.

White Lightening enjoys a little time on a Texas beach before heading to her new home in Michigan.

We had many good suggestions for names on Facebook, including my personal favorites Betty White and The Great White Hope. I did my best to take it to a vote but a certain guitarist/tour van driver used his veto power. In my heart she will always be Betty... A nickname perhaps.

Some of you know that our old vehicle, Big Red, was well beyond retirement years. He served us well in spite of his age and now is enjoying his golden years far away from snow and ice. Thank you all for your support, coming to our shows, booking gigs, and helping us with a much needed upgrade! The new van has already taken us 6,000 miles in god-blessed, icy cool air conditioning! All the way from the border of Mexico to upstate New York!

Did I mention it is hot in July down in Texas?

We are home now with shows remaining still this month in Michigan and Ohio! Watch our schedule. We will soon be returning to New York and headed south before the year is over!

xo Jennifer

Terlingua, TX

Terlingua Cemetery

Back to Route 66 again.

Home to Michigan

Good bye Big Red! We will miss you! But not on those hot summer days!

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